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Individual Exhibitions: 
2010 - Tel-Aviv Performing Art Center. 2010 - Israeli Opera 
2009 - "Images" Textile Center Tel Aviv 
2009 - "Flamenco's soul" Auditorium Haifa 
2009 - "Flamenco's soul" "Artcore" Jaffa 
2008 - "Movimiento" “Beit Aba Hushi" Haifa 
2008 - "Femina" "Gerard Bechar" theatre centre 
2008 - "Images" Auditorium Haifa 
2006 - "Images" 
Youth Hotel "Itzhak Rabin"Jerusalem 
2005 – "Character" “Beit Aba Hushi ” Haifa 
2005 - Art Center Gallery, Rishon LeZion 
2003 – "Movimiento" 
“Beit Aba Hushi Gallery” Haifa. 
2003 – Art Gallery of Village Association 
Tel-Aviv (2 exhibitions) 
2002 Memorial and Cultural Center 
2001 – Jerusalem Center for the Performing Arts 
2000 - Ashdod Museum 
2000 - “Beit Daniel” Tel-Aviv, 
2000 - Rieverdale, NY Y-center, 
1999 - “Fine Art Association “ Brooklyn 
1998 – Art Center in Jaffa 
1996 - Gallery “Out of frame” Ashdod 

Collective Exhibitions: 

2008 - Beit ha-textile Tel Aviv 
2008 - Beit Asia - Tel Aviv 
2008 - Portrait competition of Israeli artists 
2007 - Biennale International Exhbition Florence 
2007 - Acre theater. Acre 
2007 - Gerard Bechar center. Jerusalem 
2007 - Congress Hall. Haifa 
2006 - Kastra’s gallery. Haifa Art Center 
2006 - The Great Art Fair. Alexandra Palace. London 
2004 - Kastra’s gallery. Haifa Art Center 
2004 - Winnery Rishon Le-Tzion 
2003 - Winnery Rishon Le-Tzion 
2002 – “Agora” Gallery SOHO NY 
2002 Memorial and Cultural Center – Ashdod (2) 
2001 Bible Museum, Tel-Aviv 
2000 Beit- Zionei America (ZOA), Tel-Aviv 

Television Programs

• 2006 - NTV (Russian program) • 2000 - Channel 3 (News - Russian program) • 1999 - “Kaleidoskop” (Russian program) • 1998 - “Rakurs” (Russians program) • 1996 - “Boker Tov Israel” ("Good Morning Israel") • 1996 - “Jerusalem on-line”

 Press Coverage 1996-2010

• "Contemporary women artists" 2010 Biblioteca de artistas de las comundades Europeas • "Kan"-2008 -"Israeli reality in art" • "Kan" – 2010 -"Israeli reality in art" • Yediot Aharonot • Kol Ha-Darom • Israeli art magazine “Studio” • NY Jewish newspaper • Two NY Russian newspapers • Vesty • Novosty • 

• Israeli art magazine “Kan” Israel • Women in modern art – USA • Israel reality in art. 

Sylva was born in Riga in 1944 into a traditional Jewish family.
In 1970, she and two of her brothers were among 16 valiant souls, from different parts of the Soviet Union, who planned to take an empty plane from an airfield (they had their own pilot) and fly it to Sweden, in order for the world to hear that Jews were suffering in the Soviet Union and wanted to imigrate to Israel. If the plan had gone according to schedule, the plane would have been abandoned at its destination, and returned to the Soviet Union by the Swedes.
However, the plane never took off. The group learned that the KGB knew of their plan, but although the penalty could mean labour camp or even death, they sacrificed themselves and went ahead anyway, in order to get their day in court, where they knew their words would reach out from behind the "Iron curtain" to the free world. She and her colleagues each gave an impassioned plea at the trial and Sylva ended hers by proudly proclaiming "If I forget thee oh Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its cunning". She received a ten year sentence. However, because of their bravery Soviet Jews did indeed start to receive exit visas.
Sylva spent four years in a labour camp in indescribable conditions. She was released in 1974 in an exchange of'spies' and came straight to Israel. She works as a mechanical engineer.

Having always had a natural artistic talent, she became seriously interested in painting through the encouragement of knowledgeable friends. Her art has been honed by great teachers. Portraits are her genre, whether from real life, imagination, or photographs. She is a member of the "Painters and Sculptors Association of Israel".